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Luna By Lisa

Luna By Lisa Powder Blusher - Various Shades

Luna By Lisa Powder Blusher - Various Shades

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Peachy - A perfect peachy-pink tone with built-in glow.                                                            A LUNA insider secret to healthy youthful-looking skin.                                              Think soft, sheer colour and freshly pinched cheeks. Just peachy. 

Moody - The most universal shade. Moody Blusher.                                                                  For the days and nights when you want to look fresh-faced and polished.                  This nude, natural shade blush creates a soft, sheer colour to help enliven                 the complexion.

Sassy - Warm, radiant and fearlessly sassy.                                                                              A brand new shade of peach matte is designed to give your cheeks a burst              of colour.                                                                                                                        Vibrant, pretty with just the right amount of attitude.

Pink Petal - Its sweet, soft pink hue lifts the complexion and hides any tell-tale                             signs of tiredness.                                                                                                         Add a pop of Pink Petal to the apples of the cheeks for a healthy flush. 

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